Zero Waste Lifestyle

What is zero waste lifestyle ?

So, this is the month of May and this month’s  Featured Content is about “Zero Waste Lifestyle” ,this means we have to start living our lifestyle without any waste, this already sounds absurd but this page is all about this .We must be thinking it is very difficult to do this ,but it isn’t impossible.Let me tell you what this means and how it has a life changing aura in it.I’m am writing this cause I believe in my methods, so let me guide you through this program.

So when we wake up in the morning or whenever we wake up the first thing for us to do is brush our teeth, obviously by applying Colgate or any paste ,do you realise that our brush is made up of plastic and even our paste has outer cover  of plastic in it.

Cutting plastic is the main goal of this process, cutting plastic will be insanely difficult cause when you will see half of things in our lives are made up of plastic and if take a trash and start taking all out ,I guarantee you more than half of your house will be empty. You must be thinking.

Why I should do this ?

What will happen if I do this?

How will it effect the world,My Society?

Before going further I would like you to watch this video !!


Now, you have gotten a clear vision of what I’m trying to say!!

Here are the facts that I’m giving you : This is for the whole world but let me tell you about India ,here are the stats India generates 150 million tonnes of waste per day”.


Being in a billion populated country we produce 150 mil tonnes of waste that to per day, this must be eye opening for some, do you even know much much is 150 million ton ,how can I put this ,we produce around 1.5 lakhs of healthy horses in weight every single day and each horse goes about 1000kg each each ,this is an army of waste we are creating.

There are certain blogs, websites etc .Internet is vast, obviously we can find our answers over there about any scenarios is that we often get confused and when we are confused we tend to give up.Confused mind is great mind and accepting it and the will to learn is within itself is very beautiful.


Now if I start reducing my trash  take it even a 100 grams per day within a year , I will reduce my trash up to 3.6kgs thats cool ,its nothing within 10 years 36kgs right not even half of my weight ,but……………If 3.6kgs of trash was reduced by a single person ever year and a billion people would do it it would be around 3.6 Billion of reduction of trash , do you realise this how magical is this ,you must be thinking this must be way difficult and I am just bluffing but I thing impossible is just a word and it is not like you are the first one to do it ,people around the whole world is starting this and we Indians always say that our government is not good enough majorly corrupted we have to changed it ,Blah ! Blah! Blah! .

All I’m saying is to reduce 100 gms to trash per day , it obviously will be difficult but being a part of a greater process will make you feel good .It not some reverse engineering or something ,its very simple but I thing you just need two things to move further

1)When you will start doing this write somewhere that this day I will change and write some goals for ex From today onwards I will not take plastic bags from any vendor and will carry my own bag ,isn’t that simple,Further you can say that I will not take any plastic bottles will have my own bottle(not plastic) ,so next time you always have you own bottle with you .so this was the first step you took.Good

2)The second step is that when you are doing it you din’t have to tell everyone to do it, people will get crazy and will not listen to you, you don’t even have to brag about it, always remember what you are doing is for a very great cause and getting a small appreciation and praise will not give you that happiness that you yourself should get while doing it.People will ask you why you are doing this, why this sudden change ,tell them encourage them but never force them, this is goal you should be following


This is the thing I want to say that I think it is now become a high time now, so much problems are occurring ever day so many diseases are occurring so many people are dying of hunger, with so many infinite problems we can take a step forward moving into a evolution and taking this step will realise that we humans are the smartest creature in this world yes we are destroying day by day and now is time to show that why we are the smartest and how we can all together make a world a better place.There are various methods on the internet which will tell you how you can I'm not trying to promote all that just trying to tell you that, if you have the will to change your lifestyle you will no mater what, else my whole time invested will be just a waste of my time.

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