What is a HOVERBOARD ?

A hoverboard is nothing but a cool way of transportation they have become a trend in these recent years and here we are here you to give you the best hoverboards of 2017. As after all our research we have jotted down these three best hover boards for you and in the last we would like to mention one more product that didn’t get on our list but we had to mention it cause it deserves it.

What features you should look in a hover board before buying

    • Safety : How stable the board is?

    • Size : There are two sizes which are compact or an adventure one.

    • Speed : Speed does vary from board to board.

    • Weight Capacity: How much weight will your board will be able to carry.

    • Battery Life : The total run time of the board.

    • Accessories : Different companies provide various accessories like a speaker, light, Bluetooth, etc.

    • Charging : How much time does it take to get charged?

    • Durability : Hoverboards are costly and I’m sure you would want a durable one.

    • Intelligent : They do provide with some smart features like self-stability, battery reports, distance coverage, etc.

    • Size of tyres : Various sizes gives various functionality which allows the users to travel not only on roads but in various environments.

Top 3 Best Hoverboards of 2017


Halo Rover is the No1 hover board that we had chosen it is the best board 0f 2017 and has amazing features and price is also worth the product.Giving max speed up-to 10mph and battery life for 2hrs with Bluetooth connection. Halo board is a must to go If you are looking for the best.


Swagtron T6 is the No.2 hover board on our list. It has many features and running at 12mph and can carry up-to 400 lbs making it the best choice for riders of all shapes and sizes with dual rugged, 10” tubeless tires designed for all terrain exploration. With led lights and speaker, I assure you that this board will definitely make you the centre of attention


EPIKGO is the No.3 hover board on our list cause it the safest hoverboard giving power up-to 400W and last for an hour. It is bigger and better as it gives 2X charging and with lights and with the speaker up on the front, this board is unique in its own way.

Street Saw

Street Saw could not make on our list but it is worth mentioning as it is a little expensive coming in different various variations with a top speed of 9mph and with excellent durability and battery life is the best in class. This board has up-to 5-6 hours and with only 2 hrs of charging time its also has an indicator which tells you when the battery is low and it also has an IP54 in it.

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