Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker is become a buzz and trending in 2017, as this generation is going connectionless, speakers make a necessity in our lives. It’s very useful and one can enjoy the music connectionless. As you can see here are three best wireless speaker listed out, these are excellent speakers a little expensive at the end, but they are the best sounding, best looking and with really good features and are totally worth it.And as our site works we give you the three best speakers and a recommend a product which did not make on our list but we would want you to have a look at it.

Here are features you should look while purchasing the best bluetooth speaker in 2017.

    • Sound Quality : How good and loud the speaker sound.

    • Battery Life : The total amount of play time.

    • Portability : How easily you can port it.

    • Durability : How durable it is, does it give water resistant.

    • Transmission Range : From how far can I connect it to.

Top 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2017

Devialet Gold Phantom

Devialet Gold Phantom is the No.1 Bluetooth speaker on our list as the looks and the quality of the sound is, "A whole another level !". The sound is excellent plus the battery life of this machine is about 16 hours per charge, its a niche product but look at it's really awesome and wherever you take it you will have people asking you about it.

Marshall Stanmore

The Stanmore is No.2 best Bluetooth speaker as its sound quality is far more better than the other speakers within its price range, this piece of speaker is not for everyone but for those who have a special taste in the retro genre, its design says it’s all giving the best quality sound and multiple connectivity options. Really awesome features like power saving and has a really satisfying bass with sound just at the right spot. Portability is quite a problem but it cancels out with the looks and the sound.

Fugoo XL Sport

The Fugoo XL Sport is the No.3 best speaker in our list, it is the power house as the battery life is claimed for 35 hours of which it gives actually around 28 hours and a USB port to quick charge your phone or tablet. With its awesome 360 sound and quality is pretty good. The design and built quality are very rugged mostly make for an indestructible speaker perfect for the rugged environment.

Bose Soundlink Revolve +

The Bose Soundlink Revolve + is the recommended speaker on our list as its neat and compact design and its rugged design will benefit you to port it anywhere you like. Having a cleaner design with water durability and the battery life up to 16 hours but actually is 11 hours. As this Bose speaker is the best in the Bose franchise as the quality of the sound is impressive and the sound distortion is less.

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