Swagatron T6


The visual appearance of the shipped package was twice the size of a SwagTron T6 hoverboard that one can possibly buy. Good amount of padding made sure our review unit landed safe and sound. After unboxing, SwagTron T6’s jaw-dropping humungous size was very noteworthy. Available in many colours Desert Camo (Tan), Pink Camo (Pink not Rose Gold) and for those Dark Knight fans out there, it also comes in Black.

The hoverboard consists of two led headlights on both front and back. Provides enough visibility for those night rides. The most important feature about this hoverboard is its 10 inches, tubeless, inflated tyres. The tyres were bigger than normal size football. The tyres are not those usual solid rubber these are air-filled ones. Air-filled tyres are forgiving over bumpy roads thereby enhancing the ride quality. These tyres also make this Hoverboard off-road capable.

The wheels are aluminium rims with rubber tyres on them. The foot rest provides enough grip to do the job of “STAYING ON” effortless. Aluminium foot-guards are big and hefty ones. On the top, there is a battery indicator (blue) and system indicator(green). The housing case for this board is a polycarbonate shell and an aluminium frame over it. This does a good job of preventing numerous scratches and thereby preventing it from spoiling the matte paint on your board. The shell is also fire retardant but it’s not recommended to test this feature for safety purposes. The deck was sturdy along with good amount of flex.

The board is also ipx4 water-resistant. Water-resistant not waterproof. So don’t even think about submerging this hoverboard underwater and work just fine. This comes in handy for tackling water puddles and rain on your way. The aluminium paired with ABS plastic interior does the job of keeping the internals safe. The range of audience they can fit in with their weight limit is surprisingly huge. The minimum weight limit is about 44 lbs or 20 kg and the maximum weight is about 420 lbs or 190 kg.

 Underlying this Monster are 350 Watts dual motors which are like “A CHERRY ON THE CAKE”. These motors are enough to make anyone grin ear-to-ear. SwagTron T6 can climb slopes of about 30 degrees with an average weighing person on it. Dual gyros in this hoverboard are of superior quality and keep the board stable. The T6 handles bumps and puddles with ease. Powering this MAMMOTH is a UL 2272 Certified battery and is been placed in a damage-proof aluminium enclosure. SwagTron T6 has passed a series of UL tests .The range on a fully charged battery is about 11 miles. The maximum speed of this T6 is about 12mph which is one of the best in the segment. The board takes 2 to 2.5 hours to charge from zero.

SwagTron also has its own app for its T6 Hoverboard called “SWAGTRON” and available on Play Store swagtron and App Store. The App has a good interface along with easy read-outs such as current speed, battery life and riding modes. Three basic riding modes Standard, Learning and Advanced. One can simply set the highest speed, acceleration, steering sensitivity in the app itself. SwagTron comes with inbuilt Bluetooth which can be paired with the phone. T6 has a pair of speakers at the bottom to accompany your music in your ride.

SwagTron T6 is one of the best Hoverboard you could possibly find with strong off-road capabilities. T6 is BIGGER, BADDER and BETTER in every term. T6 does stand-out in those other hoverboards. It can deal with those bad roads like a hot knife through butter and still got your back on the dirt trails. SwagTron T6 is a great weapon of choice to tackle “THE URBAN JUNGLE”. In other words, it’s a fine piece of machinery one could possibly go wrong with. It does stand-out in those other hoverboards.

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Hers's the trailer of Swagatron!!! Enjoy