STREETSAW is a Las Vegas, Nevada based company. However, it’s hoverboard couldn’t make on our top three list but it does definitely deserve a respectful fourth position on our list. This is Streetsaw’s ROCKSAW. ROCKSAW has all the right ingredients to make a good recipe and has the got all the tricks up its sleeve. So, ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts, we do expect some turbulence around here.

Rocksaw the name itself seems a blend of some hardcore machinery and human craftsmanship versus nature. The fourth position in a top three list might give you an idea that this hoverboard is one of the best Hoverboard. However, would still highly recommend you to have a glance on our other Hoverboards review.

This is ROCKSAW one of the offerings from STREETSAW. Which falls in the off-road category in the Streetsaw’s line-up. Rocksaw is available in only one colour black-grey. Has massive 8.5-inch tyres with the off-road tread pattern. Which provides great grip of the hoverboard on rough surfaces as well as smooth pavements. We even tested on slippery wet rocks and they work quite well. On the front, we can find dual led lamp setup. On the rear, there are turn indicators which well along with the charging port and on-off switch. Aluminium fenders are present over those bulky tyres. The company boasts about those fenders with “AIRCRAFT GRADE” Aluminium Alloy Tire Covers. Which makes it feel good even while carrying it with those fenders. However, no physical handles were present on the hoverboard.

The board comes shipped with a hard case for carrying and a shoulder strap. Which is a plus for those unfortunate events of a dead battery. The battery is a 43,000 mAh UL2272 Certified Battery by Samsung. In short, it is a battery that wouldn’t explode or even catch fire. The battery takes almost take 5-6 hours to discharge and takes an hour and 2-3 hours to charge from zero.  The minimum weight of the board that ROCKSAW can handle is 75 pounds / 35 kilogrammes and the maximum is  264 pounds / 120 kilogrammes.

The Hoverboard is well built and good quality plastics are been used.  Powering this Hoverboard is a 400 W dual motor which provides great power to the Hoverboard. ROCKSAW isn’t a light board weighing 32 lbs but still, it’s quite agile. Few amount of drop and falls still got the hoverboard spot less. Maximum slope angle it could climb was almost 15 degrees which is good.

The board comes up with an IP54 certification. This results in the board being splash proof. So, rain or water puddles not a problem. The board is quite fast the top speed is 9mph. The top speed can be tweaked with the help of the application via riding modes (3 modes). The board is also Bluetooth capable and has speakers, pretty decent sound quality. The rider can play his/her songs through Bluetooth Speakers.

Overall the ROCKSAW is a capable hoverboard. It’s a good choice for those who still wanted another option from the top three. This board is even off-road capable stones, mud, grass, dirt, sand, inclines, rough pavements without any sweat. We couldn’t test it on snowy roads.

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Hers's the trailer of Street Saw!! Enjoy

Why this product is in our recommended product?

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