Sony FDR X3000


There are various amount of action cameras and jotting down the best was very difficult.The No.3 position on this list goes to Sony FDR X3000.This action camera is far more impressive and give a straight competition to the Olympus TG Tracker and the Go Pro Hero 5 Black.As I told earlier that it was difficult to jot down the list, as there were many option.But,Sony FDR X3000 amazed us with it’s camera recording, its Optical Image Stabalisation (OSI) and it’s wind noise reduction.All these features gives a straight competition to the all new Go Pro hero 5 Black.

The Sony action camera comes with two variants, i.e Sony FDR X3000 and Sony FDR X3000R .The Sony FDR X3000R is the one with the live remote.So, when you unbox the Sony FDR X3000R you will get a remote, housing which is waterproof ,an micro usb cable, live view remote, mounting itself and the Sony FDR X3000 itself.With the housing, one can use the camera ruggedly which set its durability i.e waterproof upto 60m, shockproof and even dustproof. The housing plays a major role in durability and it gives you a pretty rugged feel also.

The live view remote, helps to navigate the Sony FDR X3000 ,so one can control the camera from the remote and even view the recording, this comes in handy when the camera is mounted to something like your helmet and you want to control it without removing it.This gives the Sony a plus point among all.

When it comes to camera, the Sony FDR X3000 has 8.2MP BSI 1/2.5 type (7.20 mm) f/2.8 Exmor R CMOS Sensor with full sensor , which gives good photos even under low light.The ZEISS Tessar lens which provides less lens distortion, below that you will find the sensors wiz microphone and wind noise reduction feature.It provides you with simple button format i.e menu ,up and down with small lcd screen to navigate all the controls in it.Whereas, it’s rear consist of three connecting ports,i.e micro USB port ,an micro HDMI port and an audio input.

As this camera shoots 4k videos at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps ,it provide us with quality videos.OIS plays an important role in this camera which leads to a smoother view.Not only it provides a great videos but also has slow-motion in 1080p at 120fps and time lapse feature also.When it comes to noise cancelation, it is pretty impressive, as it does reduce most of the unwanted sound, it’s perfect for vloggers, who love to record ,even in windy conditions.Zoom in-out is the feature that you can get in this camera.

Battery in the Sony FDR X3000 is about 1240mAh Li-ion battery which is pretty impressive, if you use this cam with it’s minimum amount of features ,it would give you roughly around 2hours 15 minutes which is

The app on the other hand is not that impressive, you can connect it with using Wifi and NFC features.Yes, the app also allows live view features ,and cabe controlled through the phone just like the live-view remote but the app gives lag correspondingly.

Overall, we would say if you are looking for good recording with OIS and a good voice recording Sony FDR X3000 is the camera we would choose you to go with.With it’s live remote it’s even better but a little towards the expensive end .But it’s got all the features that would help you to get a awesome image quality and sound.

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