Olympus TG-Tracker


Olympus TG Tracker is the action camera that is No.2 in our list as this camera.As it is rock solid with so many features that will amaze you.As this camera records in 4k has 5-axis image stabilisation which is a must in an action camera .It’s built will allow the user to use it with full freedom without the fear of damaging it. Olympus TG Tracker is such a camera that anyone would love to carry it around, let it be for adventurous things or for simple vlogging ,it will be really work great for you!!!

When you unbox it, you will get the camera itself, an usb wire ,battery, a charger and the mounting for it.Now, let’s get a little bit of detail on this camera.As we know it shoots 4k video at 30fps which give you a total 20 min of screen recording, and 1080p at 60fps ,if you are not going for quality rather than looking for  longevity of the cam ,it would give you 1&1/2 hour of total battery life. If you shoot on a lower quality I.e around 720p and shut down all the extra built-in features in it ,it would extend your battery time.As, it consist of 1.5 inch flip-out  Lcd display in which you can view your recorded videos and images.

To record in darkness or you want an extra light , Olympus provides you with a LED lamp which is a really unique feature.You get 1/2.3 inch of CMOS sensor around 8 megapixel of camera which shoots really great images.It also has Electronic Image Stabilisation which lets you record smoother videos.

As, this camera doesn’t require an extra housing for waterproof, just change the lens and you are good to go with.Just be careful to check which lens is on, before you leave to start recording.As the lens gives the user a wide 204-degree FOV which shoots really good videos, but in order to take photos you have to adjust it a bit.This camera is very tough and durable as it provides you with waterproof at 30m of dept , shockproof around 100kgs and even works under freezing conditions around -10 degree celcius.This device is really tough and even the company has embedded “tough” on the back of the camera.As it is expandable upto 128GB of memory card this would be enough to withstand a lot of 4k video recording ,as the camera is about 8 megapixels ,it takes 2MB of space for each image.

You must be thinking what else is there in this camera ,there is various features in it such as Wifi, GPS, compass, sensors , altitude reader  and even barometer .It is an perfect package that can be used for outing.You can access this with the Olympus.app or the button installed in it.The app has tweeks that it lags a bit which can be a little hectic, while some one is operating the device from a phone.It’s voice recording abilities are impressive ,give clearity and one can record even in underwater.As, it’s 1,350-mAh lithium-ion battery will give around 1 hour and 15 minutes of total battery time, carrying extra batteries is always recommended .It has an microSD slot an USB port and a HDMI port and one can lock the hinge door behind the camera.

As you can see, this action camera is really a beast with such great features built in it, we suggest if you are looking for durability and great video recording this camera you should be looking for.For outing or shooting action videos, image stabilisation would really benefit you.

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