Halo Rover


 Shipped with the adequate protection required for transport, we can say that the company does care about their product and how it reaches their customer. The Halo Rover is shipped with a hard shell carrying case with straps which are good to carry the board around when not in use.

  After unboxing the board, it was clear the board was “BUILT LIKE A TANK”.

 All round aluminium built made sure that the board flex was minimum. Big chunky 8.5-inch diameter tyres that result in smooth all-most all terrain ride. Halo Rover shows the presence of side fenders which help the board to prevent scratches. On the rear, there are turn indicators. On the top, it has a battery indicator. Which is good to have a glance at the remaining battery while riding it instead of stopping and removing your phone’s app to check the battery. Yes, it does come with its own app named HALO ROVER and available on both Play Store and App Store. The app comes with user-friendly interface which can be set by the user according to his skill set. Three different modes beginner, normal and advanced. The app also shows the current speed, battery life and also an odometer to check the overall mileage of the board. However, there were many bugs in the software but that can be fixed with updates.

 "The Halo Rover comes with a whopping 158 watt battery. The battery is UL 2272 certified, so no worries about the battery exploding or catching fire like the Chinese brands. No overheating or malfunctioning was encountered in any of the tests. Only one flaw that is if the board reaches a stage where the battery is low it makes a beeping sound which isn’t pleasing to the ears and sounds as if it is begging to connect to the charger."

 The board is also water resistant IPX4 certified, this would prove to be a boon while riding through the rains or through puddles of water. Halo Rover comes with a dual 400W motor with independent gyros. Which gives enough power to get the board tackle any rough patches and even some decent off-road as well. The claimed top speed was 9mph which it does deliver once you swing your leg over this board. Range from a fully charged battery is about 10 miles or two hours. The board is user-friendly as well for people who have never experienced a hoverboard ever it took about ten-fifteen minutes to get them a hang of it. While those who know how to ride one will be having fun with it in no time. The board does climb decent amount Hills however it is claimed to climb hills of 15-20 degrees. The board is not light, weighing 32 pounds.

It does come with inbuilt Bluetooth to pair with. The bottom of the board shows the presence of speakers. These speakers would come handy while listening to music on the go. It does have a weight limit though the maximum is about 260 pounds that is about 118 kg. So anyone above this is a strict no for this board. Halo Rover is an all-around performer in every segment.

The battery is one of the plus point in this hover board you'll ever come across. The bigger tyres ensure you have no trouble with getting over the cracks as well as bumpy surfaces. The build quality also has a downside of its own it is on the heavier side but it wouldn’t be any problem as the manufacturer packed hard case provides enough convenience to carry it. I don’t think anyone would use that bag as one would prefer carrying its charger while travelling so as to avoid the short range of any hoverboard. The charger is also the same as the previous generation Halo Rover so as to make sure inter-compatibility.

 "  It can also be used by those starting video company with low funds not enough to buy a full gimbal set for using some action cameras. It could provide good leverage for those moving shots. People who want to commute to smaller distances everyday this product is very beneficial for use. "

 Even though this is just an electric hover board, it may surprise you with its power and abilities. The amount of the power delivered is just impressive. One could just take it off-road to test done by Tutorial Geek  checking its potential and still you won’t frown on the choice of board. The top speed of 9mph was attained during our test with multiple users.

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Hers's the trailer of Halo Rover!!! Enjoy

Why we think this it is the best?

Halo hover is know for its durability, speed , cool led lights and awesome in-build speaker in it. It’s huge tyres are a plus point through which it can travel through any terrain possible.Giving around 2hrs of battery life and this is the highest among all the others.