Garmin VIRB Ultra 30


The action camera we would like to mention on our list is Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 ,this action camera falls a straight comparison to the Go Pro Hero 5 module.We had to mention this camera ,because it is the camera which we would recommended you go ,only if you are looking for a camera with loads of features.You will get a ton lot of features, which I doubt you would get in any other camera.This camera is perfect for those who are looking for professional shooting settings or for pro athletes who would really like to track their workout.

The first most important thing any buyer looks in an action camera is the camera quality, having a 12 megapixel resolution and sensor attached to it, with an inbuilt voice recording mic at the front of the Garmin which helps for the vloggers, to record great quality sound.Yes,it shoot 4k videos at 30fps and 1080p even in 720p ,the choice is yours, slow motion and time lapse is also available to you in the Garmin VRB Ultra.

The Camera has an full touch lcd screen with two button on top I.e power and wifi buttons and circular start-stop recording feature.he camera comes with an housing which make it shockproof, dustproof and water resistant upto 40m.the good thing about this housing is that one can easily control the settings even with the hosing on, the lcd is pretty good.There is an removable battery and micro usb and micro HDMI ports to connect to it, to save your data an micro SD card slo is also provided to you.

Camera being so good an additional feature like Image stabilisation is also available to you which leads to smoother videos and really good user experience.It’s 3-axis gimbal allows the camera to have more stable shots.But, image stabilisation doesn’t works in 4k works in 1080p or lower.There is also Voice command feature in it where one has to shout “Garmin Start recording” or anything else you want it to do for you, its features is similar like Go Pro Hero 5 Black.The voice command range is about the distance of 40f.

Now, lets talk about the features the Garmin has a ton of features like built in G-metrix(which is built-in gps, compass, altimeter, gyroscope…etc) it even includes , heart  rate monitor, boat sensors ,flight sensors and the list goes on and on…….

You could access all these features by using the Garmin app.As this app is free to use and user friendly ,using this app will allow you to use these features or make any adjustment according to your needs.

The battery of the Garmin is on the down side and it is obvious.As the Garmin gives the user a ton of features obviously, it would drain that quicker.Having upto 1250 mAh battery the time on this camera varies accordingly, means if the camera has all the features  running, I would say that 35 minutes max of recording and if you are on the lowest end then I would say around 1 hour 15min that also varies depends upon how you use it.

We would recommend you to go for Garmin VRB Ultra 30 only if you are interested in those manual features which any other action camera won’t give you.Yes, the battery life is bit of a problem, but you always can carry an extra one or two batteries along the go.It also allows you to connect with all the different accessories to include more features in this.

See, we would like to say if you are interested in the features the only it is a must go.The price also doesn’t varies a lot from the Go Pro Hero 5, so I would leave this choice for you to choose.

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Why this product is in our recommended list

As Garmin VRB Ultra-30 is the top-notch action camera and you can directly compare it to the Go Pro Hero 5 Black, as this garmin has a ton of features in it ,which will amaze the people who are looking for these advanced technology in this camera.Why it is in our recommendation? Because this camera is also expensive, which is equally propotional to it's fetures.This camera is good to record action video but when you remove the housing,it might be slightly risky.Overall it's a really camera and I'm sure if this camera was not mention on this, there would have been alot of haters over here!!