EPIKGO Classic is a Hoverboard from a well-known hoverboards legend, “EPIKGO”.

EPIKGO Classic is one of their rugged, adventure series of the hoverboard. Built quality as well as fit and finish on this board is top-notch. Available in three different colours Elite Silver, Space Grey, Rose Gold. On the front dual LED head lamps to, “ENLIGHTEN YOUR PATH”. On the rear, there are led turn indicators, it is a safety feature to avoid someone rear-ending you. The top consists of foot-boards resembling “X” shape. Along with some battery indicators on the top. Classic has Steel fenders as compared to the competitions having Aluminium one. Steel fenders also counter-attack those most of those crashes one could possibly encounter.

The board felt sturdy even though not sacrificing the amount of flex the board has on offer. The flex does help in soak the shocks, which increases the riding comfort. The board is made up of ABS body chassis along with an aluminium alloy frame. It is having thrice bigger the wheels, twice amount of power as compared to normal other hoverboards. However, Epikgo Classic does feel more practical than the other board out there which are skinnier. Epikgo does shine in those uneven side-walks one deals with every day.

The Classic has 400 W dual motors it is powerful. It does roll over those potholes and puddles with ease. It does tempt to take it off-road. BOY! OH BOY! it’s so much fun riding this piece of machinery. It handles gravels, uneven surfaces like a CHAMP. Thus, the riding comfort on this is great. Instead of transferring all the bumps to the spine, it took all to itself making me to even push it harder. Although, the Classic was claimed to climb an incline of 18 degrees but in our tests, it could only till 15 degrees. Anything beyond 15 degrees would make it wobble (vibrate) as in the motors are trying hard but don’t have enough power. Complementing the powerful motor are the 8.5-inch tyres.

The grip on this hoverboard was good enough on the rocks, gravel, sand and other off-terrain pavements as well. The weight limit of Epikgo Classic maximum is 240 lbs (100 kg) and the minimum is 44 lbs (20 kg). Average Range of Classic on a full charge is 10 miles. Powering the Epikgo Classic is an LG 4300 mAh 37V battery. This battery is UL2271 CERTIFIED. It takes almost about 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge from zero.

The bigger rubber tyres, the powerful motors and better battery results in an increased weight of Epikgo Classic. This board is about 31 lbs which is not light however, this doesn’t seem to reflect in the agility of the board. It is powerful, agile and also has the potential to handle off roads. It provides a good rider comfort. The Epikgo Classic is a great product to own.

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Hers's the trailer of Epikgo!!! Enjoy