DJI Phantom 4 pro is 3rd best drone on our list and is no less then other DJI models. Phantom 4 pro is the upgraded model of Phantom 4 which was released in march 2016.This drone is extremely stable and fast and also has capabilities to capture incredible arieal imaging. Made up of titanium alloy and magnesium alloy helps in increasing the rigidity of the airframe. While looking a lot similar to the previous model, the performance of this drone has almost doubled up.

The most amazing thing about phantom 4 pro is its redesigned camera system that is assembled with 1 inch sensor and shoots at 4k/60 frames per sec! !! where as previous model could shoot at 30fps.Now that is a superb upgrade, isn’t it? The drone also captures awesome photos with 20 megapixels. It arrives in a cool looking soft styrofoam case which can be carried around while travelling. The case occupies quite every essentials that you need to carry around with the drone.

 One more cool thing about this quadcopter that is a game changer is Phantom 4 pro introduces world facing stereo vision camera on the front of the drone that allows to detect obstacles in environment and actually avoid them. Hold on! This is not it! There is also an another pair of  stereo vision camera on the rear as well as infrared sensors on left and right of the drone. So basically, the flight autonomy system has DUAL REAR VISION SENSORS and INFRARED SENSING SYSTEM that detects obstacles from 5 direction and can avoid them from 4 directions.

This makes the task of flying the drone to capture stunning images very easy and the possibility of crashing the drone almost zero. Also it gives you the freedom and confidence  to fly from tree lines, lower altitudes and also indoors. One more upgrade is the mechanical shutter. Yes! Phantom 4 pro eliminates the traditional rolling shutter and uses the MECHANICAL SHUTTER instead. This skips the chances of taking distorted images of moving subjects or while the drone is moving in fast speed. You now have better movement in the video because of the mechanical shutter.

DJI claims the BATTERY LIFE to be of 30 min that is decent enough to capture perfect shots while in air. Although you might not get complete 30 min of flight time, depending on the activity u are doing with your drone the flight time may vary. Phantom 4 pro can fly amazingly while dodging and its MAXIMUM SPEED is 45 miles per hour(72kph).

Coming to its TRANSMITTER, there are two options available for you too choose from, one is the standard one which you can connect to your smartphone or tablets and the second is the controller with a built-in-screen. If you are willing to spend the extra money then the second option is a great buy. It gives you a kind of freedom, relief from connecting your phone to the controller so that you can use your phone for what it is meant to be used. The built in screen is of 5.5 inch and is as twice as bright as any tablet allowing you to see clearly even in sunlight, this helps a lot as you don’t have to struggle in daylight to check your screen. The DJI GO app is built in the screen so you can do all the activities from the screen itself, including editing the pics. The controller has buttons on top for photo and video, exposure up and down, camera tilt and return-to-home button. Optimum range of max video transmission is 4.3mi(7km).The Intelligent flight modes also experiences improvement and addition. Some of them are

Spotlight, Profile, Circle, Tap Fly, Reverse Fly. A new technology called ‘draw’ allows the user to simply draw a route and the drones moves exactly in that direction keeping the altitude  locked. The return to home feature brings the drone back to the point from where it took off by following the same track and avoiding obstacles.
There is no doubt that this piece of technology is one of thr best drones out atleast in 2017.

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Here's the trailer of DJI Phantom 4 PRO! Have a look !! Enjoy