DJI Phantom 3 Standard



DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD is the recommended product in our list as it is the best budget drone with really great features in it.Is a flying camera that matches your lifestyle  and is extremely user friendly, ready to fly drone. DJI have tried their best to remove complication that one might face while flying the drone for the first time. Just few mins of exploring the drone and its abilities and baam!!! You are done!!!

The Design is quite similar to that of other phantom 3 models as it uses the same battery and body design. The standard follows its  trademark of the white design that makes the phantom 3 series distinguishable and recognizable.DJI Phantom 3 Standard logo is located at the top center of the drone giving it a sleek look. Propellers have color code to avoid confusion and misfit while attaching them to the motors. 3-axis gimbal and camera sits on the undercarriage giving it flexibility for a perfect shot.

Eventhough, the standard model does not come with 4k recording , collision avoiding system, impressive features still it won’t set back to surprise you with its offerings at an affordable price.Although It has 2.7K ULTRA HD VIDEO which captures 30fps which is less then 4K, it is still quite impressive and won’t disappoint you.It captures amazing  12mp photos too in jpeg or raw.8GB MicroSd card can be put straight into the camera. BUILT IN GPS helps the drone to get position hold, fly autonomously, auto hover, return to home on its own by tracking down the route, avoid objects-incase there are areas where you shouldn’t be flying.

Even if it goes out of range the RETURN TO HOME feature brings it back to you. The range is 1000meters supporting live stream at 720p which is really quick and has no delay unless you fly 600 meters far away. MAXIMUM SPEED this beauty can run is 57.6kph with its 1216g of WEIGHT. 4480mah battery gives you a decent FLIGHT TIME of 25 mins.With its modes like Follow me, point-of-inetrest, waypoints it lets you shoot like a professional.

However moving to Phantom 3 Standard’s controller, it has a power switch which turns on and turns off the drone, to its right are four LED indicators that show the remaining battery, inside black color hollow loop are the 2 control sticks, above them are two switches to control flight modes, to the upper left downwards is a gimbal controller dial that controls the movement of the camera according to your needs, and has a built in clamp on a metal rail to hold your smart phone.

Controller feels a bit plasticity and also has less control buttons on it, but afterall it is almost half the price of the advanced and professional phantom 3 model!.And no worries as the DJI GO APP comes to the rescue as you can control many other functions from the app including the take off and land function which is accompanied by a sexy robotic voice!

 Overall, DJI has done an incredible job creating a standard drone which is inexpensive and still is highly capable.So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Grab it! and have some fun on your next outing with this magnificient drone and unleash your skills and creativity.

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