What happens when you take something smart and fast and shrink it down to a smaller package??? Well the answer is, you get DJI MAVIC PRO!!!!

Its 2nd on our list and is a personnel compact drone but with big power. This small creature can be carried around with you anytime, anywhere and is so easy to carry around, it also fits in your backpack. Matt grey finish makes it look rugged and scratch resistant. The reason it becomes more compact is that its propellers can be folded inside keeping it safe so you don’t have to worry about damaging it while travelling. To be on the safe side you can also remove the propellers and carry them separately to avoid bending the propellers and scratching the main body. Do not do the mistake of judging Mavic pro on its size, its performance will surely shock you. It has 24 high performance computing cores, new transmission system. Mavic Pro camera may look like a toy cam at first but has massive specification. It is an 28mm camera and has 1/ 2.3 inch sensor and shoots at 4k at 30fps, you can capture still photos at 12.35mp.It has 3 axis gimbal which is also small but really effective.

The next great thing about this drone is its touch and focus feature, you just need to touch on your screen and tell the drone where you want it to focus and it will do the work. Focusing gives more of a professional feel and also is treat to our eyes. Mavis pro’s lens is the most powerful lens when it comes to shooting in low light situations. And unlike other drones, Mavic’s propellers won’t show up in your footage because of the short propellers and narrow field view.

Flight Autonomy of this quadcopter comprises of 2 forward facing cameras that detects the obstacles in front of it (15m) and avoids them, two downward facing camera that helps the drone to detect the ground and helps for indoor flight or when the gps is poor, it also has 2 downward facing ultrasonic range finder. The mavic won’t avoid obstacles from all the side, it just stops if the obstacle is at its front so beware while flying and do keep a watch on left, right side and also at the backside of  the drone. The maximum speed of this drone is 65km/h , It weighs about 734 grams which makes it faster and accelerates and changes direction much quicker. With mavic you can stay up in the air up to 27mins with those intelligent batteries and enjoy your flight time.

Many smart modes enables you to shoot like a pro without a big team. You can access these various modes from the DJI app. Some of them are active track which has options like trace, profile and spotlight. This drone can be a great alternative for your selfie stick as the gesture mode allows you to click just by gestures. If you are flying indoors or situations where you want to make the flying slow and precise you can use the tripod mode. Levelheaded keeps your drone at the same and right height from the ground even when the land is an uneven terrain.

Remote controller of Mavic pro is not an exception when it comes to being compact and portable, just like the drone itself. The remote is also foldable and opens up to give you a space for holding your phone and also has foldable antenna which are advised to keep at a 45 degree angle. It is a gamepad sized controller which can easily fit in your pocket and also looks like one. It consists two controller sticks, the one on left side controls the raise and drop in altitude and rotation of the drone. The one on right controls the forward, backward, sideway movement of the drone. To the top left is the return to home button which brings it back to the place where it took off from in cases when you loose connection or battery is low. To the right left is the power button.

There is also a small display and below that are 2 more buttons, one to pause the flight mode and other is custom function button. At the top of the controller you have 2 wheels for controlling the gimbal and exposure followed by buttons for recording video and shutter release for still photos. And again at the back are two custom triggers. Small in size but you have almost everything you have to control on the controller. It has the new OcuSync transmission technology with a control range of 4.3 miles (7km) with live video streaming of 1080p/720p. It also allows you to go live on social sites. Eventhough, being compact you still don’t feel like carrying it around no worries, you can use your smart phone to fly the drone over wifi with the help of dji app.

So overall this drone is really small and portable but that doesn’t make it sacrifice on its features and performance. It is so convenient to have a high quality drone that fits right into your backpack and is ready to go with you anywhere. With most of the features available that are available in other bigger drones and also being compact it makes Mavic pro one of the best compact drone purchases. So what are you waiting for? Take this miniature with you for your next solo trip and come back with some bucketful of awesome recordings and photos.

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Here's the trailer of DJI Mavic Pro! ! Have a look !! Enjoy