Here is the drone we think is the best drone of 2017!!! .Atleast till August 2017, as we know DJI is so quick in releasing drones in short intervals. Lets get back to the now number 1 drone of our list,"DJI INSPIRE 2".What makes it to this list? Well, lets take a look. Inspire 1 was no doubt a revolution as it was first film making drone at its best. And so is DJI Inspire 2!! It is built by keeping in mind the film makers, it empowers the film makers to be more creative making the use of drone cinematography . This is a complete professional drone which can be used for shooting films making it a lot easier to capture amazing shots with less efforts.

DJI INPIRE 2 comes in a Styrofoam case of dimension 60cmx55.6cmx25cm, this is huge enough to carry around the drone and its materials and also of proper size enough to carry on an airplane flight safely. Now lets start talking about the drone itself which shows how awesome it is. Inspire 2 has a 2 axis stabilised FPV camera which is used by the pilot to view from it while flying the drone whereas, a second camera takes care of shooting or capturing images which can be controlled by other person.

DJI INPIRE 2 has second camera that can be choosed, those two options are ZenmuseX4S and ZenmuseX5S. The ZenmuseX4S features a 20 megapixel 1 inch sensor which captures 4k 60fps and has mechanical shutter. The ZenmuseX5S is an upgrade so it is obviously better with a micro 4/3 sensor and capability to record videos at 5.2k 30fps in cinema DNG RAW and also at 4k 60fps. And capturing still images at 20.8 megapixel.X5S also has a mechanical shutter. You can choose if you want to compress the footage using H.264 or H.265. You can record in micro SD card (16gb) and in SSD at the same time The micro SD card can be inserted into drone’s body.

Talking about body, it is durable magnesium, aluminium material and its arms are made of super light weight carbon fiber. Sadly, it is not waterproof. To the left and right are 2 more cameras which are the forward obstacle avoidance system that detects obstacles up to 30m, which works till the drone is at 54km/h because when the speed is higher then this, it doesn’t allow the drone to come at rest before hitting an object. The Upward Infrared Sensors that detect obstacles till 5m distance, make indoor flying easy and safe. The bottom of the drone also has combination of sensors that makes landing and hovering safe.All this features of Flight Autonomy opens up the doors to try new risk for that perfect capture. Also while return-to-home you need not worry about crashing inspire 2, even when the drone is not in your control as the autonomy system has its back.

DJI Inspire 2 has dual intelligent batteries, which give you a maximum flight time of 25 mins with ZenmuseX5S and 27 mins with ZenmuseX4S respectively. Its batteries can self heat itself to 41F(5C) every minute so that you don’t have any difficulties in flying in areas of low temperature. The information of batteries is updated continuously on the DJI GO app. The Video Transmission System of Inspire 2 uses Lightbridge technology that has transmission distance of 4.3mi (7km).Users can use either 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz frequencies for signal stability. Full HD broadcasting and also social media live streaming can be done. This 1st listed drone runs at an unbelievable speed of 94km/h.

 The stylish looking remote controller of DJI Inspire 2 has a device clamp big enough to hold your tablet, an antennae,two stick thumbs to control the movement, a power button and RTH and transform control button at its right; led indictors. Again at the left and right are dials, one for camera setting and the other for gimbal. These are accompanied by buttons such as intelligent flight pause, shutter button, mode selection and record button. The DJI GO app has some awesome features and the flight modes can be set through that using your smart phone or tablet. Some of the intelligent flight modes of Inspire 2 are Spotlight Pro, TapFly, Active Track, smart return-to home.                                      

 After reading this full page of information (still written in short to be sweet and precise) we do not have to tell you how mind blowing this creature is! If you are a professional cinematographer and willing to rock in your carrier go ahead and click the buy now button because this investment won’t at all disappoint you.

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Here's the trailer of DJI Inspire 2 ! Have a look !! Enjoy

Why DJI Inspire 2 is the best product in our list!!

DJI INSPIRE 2 is an outstanding drone as it has dual battery, dual camera, dual side obstacle avoidance. Everything is just better in this drone with its dual features. Not just that, but it is also highly stable and controls itself quite quickly incase of winds. Its capability to record at 5.2k, intelligent batteries, flight autonomy system and other intelligent feature makes it the best buy  a professional can have.