Devialet phantom


Devialet Phantom is a dynamic wireless Bluetooth speaker that marks a true innovation in the world of gadgets. Designed by the French audio outlet Devialet, it emits ultra dense sound with physical impact. It has a distortion free feature which can create an acute emotional experience for the user. The dynamic wireless speaker is truly a masterpiece which unfolds a remarkable listening experience with ultra high sound quality.

Integrated with the latest technologies, includes ADH® (analog-digital hybrid), HBI® (heart bass implosion) and SAMV2® (speaker active matching). Phantom 4 has a 16Hz sub bass to 25 kHz and Power of 4,500 Watts. Moreover, the gadget comes with a distortion free sound quality. Thus, making it as one of the most powerful wireless speakers in the world. It has the option of WI-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.  The mentioned dimensions measures are Width: 253 mm · Height: 255 mm · Depth: 343 mm. Indeed, the amazing voice quality of the speaker can give a tough competition to highly expensive Hi-fi music systems.

For gamers, this speaker is a great choice and it will not only enhance the game experience but it will also take the gaming experience to the next level. Infact, you can use it with all your favourite gadgets including Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, TV etc. Phantom 4 has a composite body, weighing only 11.4 kg which makes it easier to carry anywhere you want.  The body of the gadget has fibre filled polycarbonate from inside and ABS, Aluminum centre core for the external skin.  The elegant design carries 22-carat rose gold-plated sides, which mark this luxury gadget as a true piece of innovation in this era of technology.

The Titanium Tweeter on the device used is the purest Titanium (Grade 1). Therefore, this type of metal is the highest strength density ratio among the metallic elements.  The product has a crystal clear sound quality without any kind of sound disturbance.

"Nevertheless if two pieces are used then it will create enhance the sound quality which will give you eargasms".

Furthermore, the two wireless speakers can create dynamic Stereo sounds which will double the listening experience. The box includes One Devialet Phantom wireless speaker, a user manual and a power cable.

Overall, the dynamic Devialet Phantom will enhance your listening experience which you have never experienced before.

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Hers's the trailer of Devialet Phantom!!! Enjoy

Why we think this it is the best?

Devialet phantom is a powerful wireless speaker built gorgeously which can be easily connected with any Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi. It has one of the best sound qualities as compared with other wireless speakers because it emits ultra dense sound with unique physical impact which can definitely enhance your listening experience. It has excellent battery life of more than 16 hours per charge; therefore you do not have to worry about less battery time. Moreover, it has a distortion free voice without any type of background noise or saturation which makes it the best wireless speaker in the world.It is quality and sound is awesome and if you take this speaker upto it’s highest level, you can easily hold an event of your own with only this one module.