Top 3 Best Action Cameras of 2017

Action Cameras

Action cameras are becoming an alternate trend, as one can use it very moderately, using DSLR cameras or phone cameras for capturing moments is sometimes kinda risky and has its own hassle. Whereas, an action camera is lightweight, compact in size and durable and easy to port. Action cameras were meant to be used only for those who do outdoor sports riding, surfing, skydiving etc.But now in 2017, it’s all changed, people are opting it to use these action cameras as their daily gadgets and Why Not!! It is amazing to have such a lightweight object do such great things and it’s really cool to have one. As there are a large number of action cameras, so choosing best 3 was very difficult still research team have jotted them for you. As our site works we give you the three best speakers and a recommended product which did not make on our list but we would want you to have a look at it.

Here are the features you should look while purchasing the best action cameras in 2017.

    • Video Resolution : Video quality the highest is 4k.

    Image Quality : Higher the megapixel the better the image.

    Size & Shape : It should fit according to your needs, different action cameras are fitted and used differently

    Image Stabilisation : Helps to provide you much more smoother videos.

  • Durability : How durable you camera is, you should opt go for waterproof atleast.

    Battery Life : The max life of an action camera is 3hrs.

    Sharing : Connecting and sharing wirelessly through Wifi is great.

    Sound Quality : How good and clear the sound is.

  • Voice Recording : How good the microphone is.

Top 3 Action Cameras of 2017

GoPro Hero Black 5

GoPro Hero Black 5 is the No.1 in our top 3 list, as it has features that most of the cameras don’t, having a really good camera recording, durable with really awesome features in it. Our team has researched in-depth and compared almost more than 15 cameras and we would like to declare this GoPro as the hero of our list.

Olympus TG-Tracker

Olympus TG-Tracker is an excellent action camera and is 2nd in our list. This action camera is a beast when it comes to durability, it is waterproof, shockproof and much more. Also being durable it gives the user also 4k recording. Olympus TG-Tracker is really a good product and has really good features in it but it just fell a little behind from GoPro Hero Black 5. You will be amazed to see what this action camera can do, click find out more for our full review about this product

Sony FDR X3000

Sony FDR X3000 is No.3 on our list, as the product is a straight comparison with the GoPro Hero Black 5, it’s features are really impressive. It has 4k camera recording with an impressive microphone. It is also splash proof and waterproof. It also provides image stabilisation which is a must in an action camera nowadays. There were a lot of competitive cameras around and it was very difficult for us but still, we choose Sony FDR X3000 for this place. To read the full review, click on find out more.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a beast when it comes to action camera. We would had like to mention this in our list but it didn’t because of some flaws, but we had to mention this beast.It has massive features like built in GPS, wifi, voice recording, camera recording up to 4k and much more. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a kind of an action camera wherein users are interested in making a proper shoot and require some action camera. For those people who are looking to make a short film professionally. We would opt you to go for this camera cause it will really help you in your work.

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